What to do About Parental Alienation

Parental alienation happens when one parent attempts to turn their children against the other parent. This often happens with parents who are upset with the outcome of their divorce. When one parent wants to alienate the other, they will attempt to make the kids associate negative qualities with the parent they dislike. Some parents will try to prevent the children from spending time with the other parent, while others will say disparaging things about the other parent to make the children view them differently. In this blog, we explain what to do if your ex tries to alienate you from your children.

Document Disputes

You should keep a journal to write down all of the dates that your ex attempted to block you from seeing your children or attempted to turn your children against you. Write down the details of the incident and any excuses your ex used to justify their actions. Having a journal to point to when you go to court will allow you to establish that your ex’s excuses were part of a habitual pattern of behavior.

Make Requests in Writing

If you are trying to prove that your ex is alienating you from your children, you should make all visitation requests in writing. Use email or text messages to ask about visitation and custody schedules so that you have a record that can be shown to the court. Writing out requests you make to your ex can help catch them in a lie or establish that they use similar excuses to deny you from seeing your children.

Talk to a Therapist

If you are not sure if your ex is trying to alienate you, talking to a therapist can help identify and put an end to any questionable behavior you encounter. A therapist can provide you with support and offer advice for how to resolve your dilemma. Seeing a therapist will also show that you took proactive steps to solve your conflicts with your ex, which will strengthen your case if you go to court.

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