Co-Parenting After Your Divorce

After you have divorced your spouse, it is important to focus on ways to effectively co-parent in order to ensure your children don’t have to endure additional conflicts as they try to get used to living in two different households. In this blog, we explain things to consider when making a co-parenting plan after your divorce.

Opt for Shared Custody

While not every parenting situation can accommodate shared custody, it is still best to let your children have equal time both parents. Try to start your divorce process with custody in mind and discuss ways to effectively share custody equally, regardless of any negative or unresolved feelings you might have. Although you will no longer have to live with your spouse after your divorce, you still need to make sure that both parents are fulfilling their roles in raising the children.

Put Your Parental Duties First

You will still be responsible for making sure your children’s financial and emotional needs are met. Divorce is stressful for the entire family and you need to show your children that they come first. Let them know both of their parents are available to talk about their concerns during this transitional phase. Do your best to keep their schedule as normal as possible and do not isolate them from friends or family.

Be Flexible for the Other Parent

If you are unable to arrange for a shared parenting plan that is ideal for your situation, do your best to be flexible when your ex wants to visit the children. Allow them to visit more than once a week or every other weekend and invite them to attend your kid’s sports or after-school activities. You should also give your children the option to choose when they want to see the other parent.

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