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Arnold Divorce Attorney

For some, divorce provokes thoughts of a family torn apart, an extensive court battle and a relationship between ex-spouses that can never be repaired. At the Law Office of Nicholas T. Exarhakis, we believe that a divorce can be handled in such a manner as to preserve an amicable relationship between spouses while also avoiding extensive amounts of money and time spent completing the process. An Arnold divorce attorney at our law offices can offer you experienced guidance and representation to help you approach your divorce in the most advantageous manner possible.

Most of the time, we recommend a collaborative approach to resolving a divorce. When possible we prefer negotiation over litigation as this is a more cost-effective approach for our clients. It may also enable spouses to reach their own agreements regarding custody, visitation, support and the other serious issues that must be resolved, as opposed to having a judge rule upon these matters. Though the judge will apply Maryland divorce laws to the matter in order to provide for a child's best interests and to comply with current legislation and case law, a judge will not understand exactly how your family works. Decisions involving life-changing family law matters are therefore often better reached through proactive negotiation or mediation.

Should your Arnold divorce need to go to court, however, a lawyer at our firm can offer you the aggressive legal representation that is needed to present your case to the judge in such a manner as to best protect your interests and concerns.

Need an attorney for a family law case in Arnold?

If you are currently considering divorce or have already been served the papers, now is the time to talk to an attorney about your options and rights in this important matter. Your divorce may impact your life from a financial and personal standpoint, and it is therefore absolutely crucial that you have a fighting chance to seek the outcome you are hoping for.

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