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Pasadena Divorce Lawyer

Filing for Divorce in Pasadena, MD

A divorce will involve addressing sensitive issues. This can cause problems, even when spouses are on friendly terms and agree with most of the issues that they need to address. Without a Pasadena divorce lawyer to guide you through the process of filing your divorce papers, arranging your financial information and handling any disagreements that may arise regarding child custody, visitation, spousal support, child support and property division, you may find that your divorce turns into a time consuming and expensive process - when it could have been resolved fairly quickly and without incident.

With legal experience and the know-how to understand what approach will be best to handle a divorce in Pasadena, Maryland, a competent divorce attorney can help you take the right course of action. Whether this is inside or outside of the courtroom, your lawyer will also have the resources to properly build your case in order to help you seek advantageous agreements that work for you and your children. The decisions you come to in regard to custody, support and your property will affect you for years into the future. They will affect your financial stability and will have an impact on you from an emotional standpoint, making an already tumultuous circumstance all the more difficult to deal with. Make sure you have the legal counsel you need to reach a beneficial resolution.

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  • “Mr. Exarhakis was understanding and had just the right amount of toughness that was necessary for my case.”


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