Common Child Custody Disputes During the Holidays

It’s never easy to figure out a child custody schedule, especially during the busy holiday season. Divorced couples often argue about which parent will get to spend the holiday with the kids. When parents get into major disputes about custody arrangements, it can ruin the holiday for the entire family. In this blog, we explain a few common custody disputes that divorced parents tend to encounter over the holiday season.

Travel Arrangements

If you will be traveling out of town to take your kids to visit close friends or family, you need to consult your custody agreement to see if it is permitted. Custody agreements sometimes contain provisions that prevent a parent from traveling out-of-state with a child. If you travel with your kids and it is a violation of your custody agreement, you can end up facing serious consequences in court.

Splitting Time

Although it is normal for both parents to want to spend time with the kids on the holidays, some custody agreements specify certain holidays and times of day that the children must be with the custodial parent. Other custody agreements alternate the holidays between parents. No matter what your agreement says, it is important to make sure that both parents know when and where the kids will be during the holidays.

Arguments Over Gifts

When parents get divorced, their kids usually get two sets of gifts for the holidays. Unfortunately, some divorced parents will purposely buy gifts that they know the other parent will not approve of. Do not deliberately purchase gifts for your kids that you know will cause future conflicts between you and your ex.

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