Emergency and Ex Parte Child Custody in Maryland

When a parent fears for the well-being of his or her child, the natural response is, of course, to act and do whatever is necessary to protect that child. However, if you do not have custody, you might wonder how to keep your child safe legally. The answer to this problem is to obtain an emergency custody order.

What Is Emergency Custody in MD?

Unlike traditional custody hearings, emergency custody hearings take place a few days, or even a few hours, after they are filed. This is dependent on the severity of the situation. These happen quickly so that children can be removed from dangerous circumstances.

When Are Emergency Custody Orders Granted?

There are a variety of circumstances that can arise which would justify the pursuit of an emergency or ex parte child custody order. These orders are designed to protect children subjected to or threatened with harm or abandonment and, as such, do not go through the usual path of child custody matters, which often take too long to resolve. Some examples of situations that necessitate an emergency custody order include:

When seeking this type of order, the child or children must be present within the state for the court to authorize the emergency custody order change.

Requirements for an Emergency Custody Order

Before issuing the emergency custody order, the court will conduct a full and formal hearing, during which all parties can be heard. When filing for a petition requesting for this type of order, you must provide specific examples of the abuse or threats of abuse. This can include:

  • Police reports or arrest records of the other parent
  • Records of relevant prior convictions of the other parent
  • Child Protection Services records
  • Medical and dental records
  • Records from the child’s psychological evaluations
  • Results of any prior protection order hearings

Supporting documents and records are crucial to your case. If you fail to support your allegations meaningfully, this will heavily restrict the court’s ability to grant an emergency custody order. Remember, you must have an open case before you file for an emergency hearing.

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