Discussing a Prenup with Your Partner


More and more, couples are agreeing to draft prenuptial agreements. However, there is still a lot of misinformation about prenups, which has made it difficult for some people to comfortably broach the subject. If you want to have a prenup, how do you mention it to your partner respectfully?

How Do You Talk About a Prenuptial Agreement with Your Partner?

Discussing a prenup with your partner will be a serious conversation—no matter how you approach it. However, to ease the conversation, you can take the following into consideration as you broach the subject:

  • When to have the conversation. Think about the time and place of the discussion. This conversation is important, so approach the conversation mindfully and try not to catch your partner off guard. After an argument or when either of you is upset is likely not the right time to have this talk.
  • What you will highlight. You should think about what you want to say before you have the conversation. While you don’t need to have a script, you should have an idea of what you want to cover.
  • How a prenup will affect your relationship. A prenup won’t ruin your relationship. While many people believe prenups doom a marriage, prenups can help your marriage. You both will be pushed to have conversations about the future and money, which can strengthen your communication skills.
  • Why you want a prenuptial agreement. Telling your partner why you want a prenup and explaining the benefits of a prenuptial agreement is important. Not only are you sharing your thoughts but you are also outlining the individual benefits that it can bring to the table for each of you.
  • How much you love each other. In having this conversation and drafting your agreement, you are not dooming the relationship or saying you don’t trust one another. As you bring up this subject, remember the love you share and remind your partner of it as well.
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