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  • Does Maryland Have Legal Separation?
    Does Maryland Have Legal Separation?

    Each state has established its own laws about legal separations and divorces. While all states authorize divorce, not all states allow for legal separations. So, where does Maryland stand on the ...

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  • Common Alimony Questions
    Common Alimony Questions

    Spousal support is a common legal dispute among divorced couples, which is why we want to take the time to answer some of the questions we are commonly asked about this particular subject. What Is ...

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  • Can I Get My Down Payment for My House Back?
    Can I Get My Down Payment for My House Back?

    One question that is commonly asked by couples during their divorce is whether or not they can get the down payment for their home back if it was paid before their marriage. In this blog, we explain ...

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    A recent Maryland Court of Special Appeals Case, Rose v. Rose, reaffirmed the difficult evidence necessary to terminate alimony payments when using a cohabitation clause in a Marital Settlement ...

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  • Maryland's New Divorce Law
    Maryland's New Divorce Law

    Maryland has enacted new laws regarding divorce provided you do not have any minor mutual children. Effective October 1, 2015 a party can file for and absolute divorce immediately after the execution ...

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  • Separation Agreements in Maryland
    Separation Agreements in Maryland

    A separation agreement is a legally binding contract that is voluntarily entered into by Husband and Wife when they plan to live separate and apart with the intent to terminate the martial ...

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