Dirty Divorce Tactics 101: What to Watch Out For

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Unfortunately, your spouse might not choose to play nicely during your divorce. He/she may try to engage in what are called "dirty divorce tactics" or behavior that is considered manipulative, hurtful, or, at times, even narcissistic. If you find yourself in this position, it is important to secure the services of an experienced lawyer. Today, we review what these tactics are and how your attorney will be able to help you. 

Dirty Divorce Tactics Defined

Here are some common dirty divorce tactics to look out for as you navigate your divorce: 

Your spouse attempts to embarrass you on purpose

Perhaps your spouse decides to go against your wishes and share the news of your divorce publicly with everyone you know. This could also include serving you divorce papers in a very public way, embarrassing you in front of your children as a means to retaliate for "asking for a divorce," or sending private photographs you once shared to friends.  .

Your spouse purposefully wastes marital assets

If your spouse decides to blow through money like it's his/her new job, then this is considered a dirty divorce tactic. Familiarize yourself if your spouse's spending habits and be aware of any unnecessary or sudden shopping sprees, elective surgeries, and/or vacations. 

Your spouse refuses to pay child support 

This move is one that can prove to be infuriating. Know that both parents have a legal obligation to provide and care for their children, which means child support payments. Ask your lawyer what the next best step would be if you spouse decides to engage in this type of behavior. 

Your spouse hides assets from you

You can uncover hidden assets with the help of an experienced attorney and forensic accountant. You can determine if you would like to confront your spouse about this behavior or take legal action instead. 

If you are concerned your spouse is committing a dirty divorce tactic, contact our office online to schedule a consultation today.

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