Co-Parenting Birthday Parties

Should Divorced Parents Spend Time Together with Their Child?

A common decision that divorcing parent’s face is that of figuring out if they will spend their children’s birthday and other parties together, for the sake of their children. It may be hard to spend time together in the same place, but it shows your child that his or her birthday is important enough to both be there. Remember that emotions are normal, and that you may get nostalgic about the last time you had a party as a married couple. Be aware of your feelings and know that your ex is probably dealing with his or her own similar concerns. Prepare yourself for what is to come and consider the tips below as solutions to your concerns.

Things to Consider for the Post-Divorce Event

If your child’s birthday or another big event follows closely behind your divorce, you might be wondering how to handle things and what to expect.

Ways that you can handle the upcoming event include:

  • Consider co-hosting the event if you and your ex get along and can be around possible new love interests. You can share the cost of the party and invite both sets of family and friends, making it an even “bigger” birthday or party for your child.
  • If you do not get along well, consider only attending the event for a limited amount of time, and bring along a friend or family member who can act as a buffer (or shoulder to cry on) if things get heated or emotional.
  • Try to agree on a budget and location, and guest list limit, regardless of if you are co-hosting or not. This way, one parent is not trying to outdo the other or go behind the other parent’s back.
  • Have two parties, or make the event longer, where one set of guests slowly leave as the new set arrives (if necessary) so the separate events seamlessly blend. This is easiest if your child is young enough to not pay close attention.
  • Have a family party and a friend party. This way, any tension between you and your ex’s family will not ruin your child’s party with his or her friends.

No matter what you choose to do for your child’s birthday party, the most important thing is to make sure your child feels loved and cared for. If your emotions are too raw to spend the day together, then wait until next year to reconsider these options.

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