5 Common Mistakes Fathers Make During Their Divorce

Going through divorce can be emotionally draining, and can leave you more susceptible to taking actions that you might later regret. For fathers, it is especially important to be aware of potential mistakes that can affect the outcome of your divorce. Learning from the mistakes made by other fathers can keep you from negatively affecting your divorce proceeding. Below, we explain X common mistakes that fathers often make during their divorce.

Mistake #1: Becoming Angry or Abusive

Although the emotions you deal with during your divorce can be overwhelming, it is important that you don’t allow these emotions to get the best of you. Courts are not likely going to take the side of someone who appears hostile and angry. When it comes to instances of abuse, both physical and verbal, courts will always rule against the abuser. Never allow yourself to become violent during your divorce and always do your best to keep your cool in tough situations.

Mistake #2: Moving Out Before You’ve Been Ordered to Do So

Moving out too soon can cost you your home and increase the total cost of your divorce. If you move away and your spouse takes out a personal protection order against you, it will make it very difficult for you to get your home back. In addition to this, you will also have to spend extra money on rent for another place to live. If the place you end up renting isn’t in the best shape, you can be denied visitation rights with your kids as your divorce plays out.

Mistake #3: Treating the Kids Like Pawns

You should avoid placing your kids at the center of the conflicts you have with your spouse. Do not attempt to turn your kids against your spouse and do not use them to spy on your ex. Make sure you do your best to protect the emotional well-being of your children during this difficult time.

Mistake #4: Not Protecting Your Assets

You should freeze all joint savings or credit card accounts that you and your spouse have together. Pay close attention to your accounts and keep notes of any withdraws that your spouse makes. Read every financial statement for investments that you have with your spouse and educate yourself about how to identify if something looks suspicious.

Mistake #5: Not Hiring a Good Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during your divorce is to take on your case by yourself. A skilled attorney can provide you with valuable advice that will help you protect your interests and prevent your spouse from taking advantage of you. Divorce can quickly become messy, so hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

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