Attorney's Fees in Maryland Divorce and Family Law Cases

When you consider hiring a Maryland attorney for a family law matter such as divorce, custody, visitation or child support, important factors to consider are attorney fees and litigation costs. Most attorneys charge an hourly rate (although in some cases, such as an uncontested divorce, a flat rate may apply). Hourly rates are typically charged at six (6) minute intervals or 1/10th of an hour. An attorney’s hourly rate is set by agreement with the client, although most attorneys have a set hourly fee. The rate is a factor of the attorney’s experience and reputation. A reputable attorney will explain all fees at the initial meeting so that you will have an understanding of the potential cost associated with your case. Of course it is difficult to project exactly what the final cost may be. However an experienced attorney should be able to give you a range and explain what factor may affect your cost. Litigation costs can include filing fees, deposition fees and expert fees which are in addition to the hourly fee of the attorney. Additionally an experienced attorney can save you money, because he or she knows the law, knows the court process and has drafted agreement and pleading over the course of many years.

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