Why a Lawyer may be helpful during a divorce and/or custody case

1. Nicholas T. Exarhakis is a family law lawyer specializing in divorce and custody/visitation issues with over 20 years of experience in the Maryland court system. Obtaining expert advice is one of the most important aspects of any divorce or custody/visitation matter. Both legal and practical advice will help you understand the legal process as well as the day to day nuts and bolts issues that occur. It is also important to know what you may be entitled to and how the court may divide your assets. Expert legal advice is essential and only a phone call away.

2. Separation Agreements are a key tool used to facilitate the transfer of assets, the assignment of obligations and the determination of a custody and visitation scheduled. A poorly worded or generic Separation Agreement can cause substantial problems in the future. A Judge may not know what was intended and cannot add or subtract terms or clauses. A properly worded Separation Agreement which complies with Maryland family law will reduce the potential of further and future conflict.

3. Court delays are a by-product of failing to properly file or prepare for a court matter. You can avoid delays by being represented by a knowledgeable attorney such as Nicholas T. Exarhakis. The divorce process takes long enough without unwanted and avoidable delays.

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