Distribution or Division of Property in Maryland Divorce

In Maryland, the Courts follow the doctrine of equitable distribution in the division of property in a divorce. These doctrine means the Court does not have to divide everything equally, although that is typically the case.

Here is what the Court looks at:

1. The court will identify and determine what is marital property and the value of that property.

2. The court will then decide whether or not to grant a monetary award (and if so what amount) and/or divide the marital assets as an adjustment of the equities and rights of the parties.

3. The court will consider the earning power of the parties.

4. The court will consider the separate property of the parties

5. The value in money and effort that each parties' has contributed to the marriage, including family support and child care as well as income.

6. Duration of the marriage as well as the age and health of the parties.

7. The cause of the marital breakup such as abuse or infidelity.

This list is not all inclusive and other factors may be considered by the court.

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